Farms/Farmer’s Market
Chino Farm
R & L produce (Hillcrest Farmer’s Market)
Schaner Farms (Little Italy Farmer’s Market)
Terra Bella Ranch
Knight Salumi
Suncoast Farms
Carlsbad Aqua Farm (Hillcrest market)

Catalina Offshore Products (Fish)
Specialty Produce

99 Ranch (Chinese)
Zion Market (Korean)
Marukai (Japanese)
Mitsuwa (Japanese)
Nijiya (Japanese)
North Park Produce (Middle Eastern)
Northgate (Mexican)
India Sweets and Spices (Indian)
Ker Distributors (Indian)
Wing Lee Poultry (freshly killed duck and chicken)
Minh Huong (SE Asian)
Minh Hoa (SE Asian)
Sin Lee Food Corp (SE Asian)
Bread & Cie
Vennissimo Cheese
Iowa Meats
Homegrown Meats
Euro Food Depot (great cheese and sausages + hard to find French ingredients)
Costco (wine and heavy cream)
Trader Joe’s (yogurt and nuts)
Whole Foods (Belgian beer & cheese)
Sausage King
Maison en Provence (lavender honey)
Do it with Icing!

Great News!
Chef City
San Diego Restaurant Supply

Beanilla (vanilla)
Saltworks (specialty salt)
Honest Foods (Valrhona chocolate)
Dairy Connection (butter & cheese cultures)
J.B. Prince (equipment)
McMaster-Carr (filter/super bags)
Online Metals (aluminum bars for caramel)
Le Sanctuaire

Know any places we should try? Let us know!


2 responses

25 03 2010
Marielle Giai

You can also find Valrhona chocolate ( my favorite ! ) at Whole Foods…
You should also check online They sell some great french style sausages that you could use in your cassoulet…I love their andouillettes/andouilles sausages made with tripes ( sweet just like back in France ) and also their blood sausages ! It’s a bit expensive to ship as it has to be 2nd air and you cannot buy a lot and freeze them…so if you want to order and share the shipping let me know 🙂
Keep the good work !

26 03 2010

Oh, that is a neat site! We got excited about the sausages you mentioned and looked into where else they might sell them. Other than at farmer’s markets in the Bay Area, there are only a few sites that sell them. One of them is Euro Food Depot — which we had never heard of, but it is located in Sorrento Valley. They are open to the public on Sat, so we’ll let you know how it goes!

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