Huitlacoche with corn pots de creme

28 09 2010

Huitlacoche (wheet-la-co-che), also known as corn smut, is a wonderful delicacy, especially if you can find it fresh. It is hard to describe, but has a earthy mushroom flavor and lends a light savoriness to foods. It goes very well with corn, cream, eggs, light white cheeses (like mozzarella or Oaxacan cheese) and light amino acid rich seafood like scallops. This time of the year, Chino Farm occasionally has an ear or two and we snatch it up whenever we see it.

This preparation worked out really well. It is a savory pots de creme using corn juice instead of milk with dashes of salt, honey and butter. The huitlacoche is sauteed with shallots, butter and corn, and placed over strips of roasted red anaheim peppers. A bit of epazote is on top. It can be easy to drown out huitlacoche, but in this, it was highlighted with the roasted flavors from the peppers and the sweet creaminess of the custard.