Green Curry with Beef

26 09 2010

We’ve been working through Thai Food by David Thompson and recently got his new book Thai Street Food. This is our first foray into Street Food: a spiced green curry with beef, served with roti.

The roti needs some work and the brisket was too tough, but the curry was bright, rich, and complex with green chiles, lemongrass, shallots, galangal, coconut milk and more. The recipes are tough to get right, but feel much more authentic than any other cookbook we’ve seen on the subject.




3 responses

28 09 2010
Leah Virsik

Great lookin’ photo girl! Looks so yummy! xo

4 10 2010

Awesome. Picking up Thai Food.

5 10 2010

Cool — let us know how it goes. We have been really happy with just about everything in that book, although he doesn’t explain himself very well and it takes some practice to get comfortable with the recipes. When we were shopping for Thai books, another good one was “It Rains Fishes” by Kasma Loha-unchit. It has more intro material and more straightforward recipes — she teaches classes to non-Thai folk, making her a very effective teacher. We got both from the library before deciding on buying Thai Food. Thompson is unapologetic in his quest for authenticity, which is eventually what got us.

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